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“Mothers for the Environment” began in 2014 to illustrate that each of us – no matter race, culture, political orientation or social class – would be better served if we treated the Earth like our child.

Kim Ellis will undertake the making of a series of short films about how to take better care of our planet taking one troublesome issue at a time, breaking it down so it is easy for a general audience to understand, and offering simple ways every one of us can behave toward Mother Earth.

The purpose of Kim’s work is to encourage a change of consciousness and behavior in humankind so that more people feel beholden for the environmental well-being of the Universe.
Kim was born and raised in Los Angeles. After graduation from University, she moved to East Africa, where she lived for 25 years working in wildlife conservation.

She moved to Newport Beach in 2007 with her two children, two dogs, and a cat and continues to focus on promoting environmental awareness and well-being. She still owns residences in East Africa and visits the country regularly.
kim ellis